iAcadia App


The iAcadia App was written at Acadia University in the Jodrey School of Computer Science. The project started out in the summer of 2009 with Ryan Wooden and Alex Sanford working under the direction of Dr. Darcy Benoit as part of the creation of the Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing Specialization in Computer Science. After a hiatus during the 2009-2010 school year, Ryan Wooden picked up the project for the summer of 2010 and finished the App.

  1. -Runs on iPhone, iPod and iPad.

  2. -iPad runs at native resolution.

  3. -Uses information from the web, but caches some data for offline use.

  4. -Sports information includes upcoming games and scores for past games.

  5. -RSS news feed from both Acadia University and the Acadia Student’s Union.

  6. -Course information updated daily, and includes course description, days and times offered, classroom and link to professor information.

  7. -Videos include all of the AcadiaTV videos, streamed directly from YouTube.

  8. -Searchable staff listing from Acadia’s online phonebook.

  9. -Campus map is searchable by building name/code, and clicking on a building will give you information about that building.

  10. -The security button on the second page gives you contact and other information for security.

  11. -Icons are movable on the screen to allow for customization.

The iAcadia App